Treatment When and Where You Need It – Basic Care Needs

Do you need to see a doctor right away? We have you covered! Here at Namaste Medical Group we provide counseling for Urgent Care Patients. We can get you the help you need right away. No more sitting in waiting rooms for hours on end. Book your urgent care appointment online and be seen right away! Dr.Manjarres and his staff understand that pain is not something that can wait. Its our priority to guide you to an informative healthy recovery.


Namaste Medical Group is an idea whose time has come. Dr. Manjarres is incredibly experienced and well-read in the sphere of health improvement, anti aging, wellness. This office is here to help you be your best at any age! He has helped me and many of my friends.

I feel alive again! I have energy and look at life a whole new way.

I run multiple restaurants and a marking company. I was stressed out and feeling drained. I heard about Namaste Medical Group and started therapy with Dr. Brian and Betsy Shor PA-C. Life has been great since I have the energy and stamina to live my life to the fullest.

As always, such a pleasure to spend quality time with such an inspirational person. Thank you so much for your great care!

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